Cimmerian Circuit

by Burrows

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warren barton
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warren barton Burrows have a crowbar vibe going on in there sound.Good mix of heavy and punishing hooks that make Burrow's Cimmerian Circuit stand out. Favorite track: Hunter's Light.
Mister Growl
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Mister Growl Discovered this killer band when I was writing a label spotlight on Dullest Records. Great mix of New England hardcore and heavyweight Crowbar sludge. Like the blast of light on the album cover, the production is a bit brighter than "Mar" without sacrificing power or groove. Get this. Favorite track: Birth of Cinder.
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Memorandum 03:31
Another lap in the region The same memory to make Design reason Forcing routine just enough to break Slowly learning, become self aware stories of damage and repair. Dismayed reveries Revealing a part of you Circuits in skulls Fiction dissolving in truth Create progress mutate and react Prepare for bludgeoning impact Change is nature, a costly lesson Further without expression Rippling broadcasts of a distorted sequence!!! Dismayed reveries Revealing Fiction dissolving in truth
Bloodgrove 03:50
The trees no longer bloom with fruitful flowers The vines enslaved in gloom Spine first they rise Drag the line toward unseen times Weak arms sprout desperate Caressing the corpse Souls in a rotting cesspit Corroding discourse The dead would be a better host Within the grove only death grows Supply the earth as the blood flows In this decrepit birthplace Origins of demise A suffocating embrace Constrict to deny An orchard for passing away Within the grove only death grows Supply the earth as the blood flows Within the grove only loss grows Supply the earth until blood flows Sow and cultivate harvest for my blade.
This place it will erupt Black shadows cast Darkness deep in the heart Waiting for the blast. Rupture, unstable ground Boiling matter. Pressure ruthless omen Seismic shatter. This is the end. We have no plan. All will roast. Mold into stone This land wants us to fear, the ash will plume. Kneeling under the sun. A sign of doom. Repent salvation now. Scorching heat Danger arising from beneath. This is the end. We have no plan. All will roast. Mold into stone. Roast. Shatter. It will see us off. It will see us off. The core. The surface.
Arrival 03:07
Vessel submerged To the ocean floor Cut off from the weight Heavy anchor Collect the drowning Deeper, reaching up I shall escape. Make waves make haste. Synching my thoughts with every move I make. I must save my breath. If I immerse, I can only blame myself for being lost at sea. I shall escape. Make waves make haste. Meet me at the shore. Impressions washed away. The moon the sun and the earth fight the tide. I have made it, but I have disappeared.
Equinox 03:04
The days grow colder by the absence of sunlight and the axis of earth. Extract the warmth. Slowly ripped out from the soul. A stillness to life. Trees stand like skeletons before the sky. With my frozen stare gazing through their bones. The darkest night lit up by the moon and the snow on the ground. Covered in layers. Frigid, hardened and sullen. Adaptive motions. Trees stand like skeletons before the sky. With Winter's grip around your neck. Exits the chilling pass of every breath.
Harrowed by visions of a horrible man. Moved by all the powers of hell. The fury that be. The hunter sets out before the sunrise. Everything in path laid to waste. No stone unturned. Alone. He bares his teeth. Vicious-rabid-bloodlust. He grows wild. Merciless. Savage. Control desire. An act of revenge for unspeakable crimes Blasting through all the forces of will. Dauntless intent. The end won't be near. Eternity knows. For he is who bears these burdens. Life's pure conflict. Tracks in the dirt. A broken branch. Shows how you've wandered into carelessness. Eliminate, rectify, Regain strength and then walk away.


released January 12, 2018

All music written by Burrows.
Recorded and produced by Nick Viccione.
Mixed by Burrows
Mastered by Azimuth Studios


all rights reserved



Burrows Connecticut


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